10 things that change when you become a mother

Victor Lawrence
4 min readFeb 20, 2022


Becoming a mother is the most beautiful thing on the planet for a woman who wants to have offspring, but life changes totally is not new… although perhaps it changes more than we thought before becoming mothers. Since a child comes into our world through us, it changes our lives completely. It has nothing to do with life before becoming a mother. Do you want some examples?

You turn around when you hear mom

Even if your children are not in front. If you hear the word “mom” your unconscious makes you turn around and look for that child who is calling his mother. If she can’t find it, you’ll help her find it.

Sleep will never be the same

This is the thing you will notice before anything else. If before becoming a mother you liked to sleep for hours and hours, this is over forever. Although your child sleeps very well, you will not be able to sleep without thinking about anything else because you will take advantage of his sleep to do things at home. In addition, since they are babies they will make you wake up in the middle of the night to attend to them and when they are teenagers they will make you wake up to find out if they are already home.

You are the number 1 champion of patience

Yes, you have to breathe many (but many) times to not get too upset. When you notice that you start to get nervous, you have your own strategies to find calm and not pay your possible frustrations with your children.

Life as a couple is now family life

Although it is true that life as a couple cannot be left aside and that to be good parents you will have to be a good couple… life will not be the same. Dinners in a restaurant will become dinners at home, weekends at the spa will become family outings to the countryside… but there are many ways to enjoy yourself as a couple! You just have to keep the spark of love burning.

You are never scrupulous again

Before becoming a mother, it is possible that you were disgusted to see how a diaper was changed or that a child vomit made you vomit just because of the smell. All this will change as soon as you become a mother: mucus, poop, pee or vomiting become something habitual in your life.

You become a mother to all the children in the world

Something happens when women become mothers and it seems that we are all connected in some way. When we do not become mothers, all the babies or children of our children’s age become adorable beings, and when a mother or child experiences some misfortune, we cannot help but be moved and want to help them in some way. People are social beings and the maternal instinct knows it, the community only advances through union and empathy for others!

Your bag can handle everything

Do you know the Mary Poppins bag? Yours has nothing to envy. You have everything you need and everything your children need. Always.

You understand your mother in everything

Very probably before having your children there were things about your mother that you took for granted: like that she loved you. And others that you did not understand: the nightmare of knowing if you have eaten well or not. Now that you are also a mother, you understand each and every one of the things that your mother has done for you or what she told you for your good, or simply now you understand each one of her looks, those that teach and those that show all the love that he feels for you at every moment. The love of a mother for her children is so unconditional and so incredible that now you understand the reason for everything your mother said or did to you.

You call your husband dad

If you do. You do it without realizing it but you do it. Even in public, even at times when the children are already sleeping. You don’t realize it and when you realize it, you stay thoughtful; “Did I call you daddy?”

You find yourself multitasking.

You’ve realized that you can multitask, like make dinner for your kids while nursing your baby, while answering work emails at the same time. This is just an example… But you can and are capable of doing it. Although if you feel exhausted, remember that you can delegate tasks, you are not a machine.

What other things have changed in your life since you became a mother?



Victor Lawrence