From the mountains of Canada the axe throw arrives in Spain

A new sport arrives in our country, and not just any sport. We are talking about axe throwing, a popular activity in Nordic regions — in the USA & Canada it is practiced by more than one hundred thousand fans — but in Spain it is practically unknown.

Vincent and Adrien , two French friends, discovered this sport by chance and were immediately hooked. They now reside in Madrid, and have set out to open a shooting center that will be a pioneer in Spain. What is an axe throwing experience? Vincent explains that each session lasts an hour, includes training in safety rules and throwing techniques with different types of axe, followed by games and competition.

In the USA & Canada it is practiced by more than one hundred thousand fans

Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash

He believes that it is not really difficult to hit the axe throwing target “it is still like throwing darts, but… big time!”. The inevitable question arises: Is this safe? “If done in the right conditions, it’s no more dangerous than petanque or basketball. The instructors explain the safety regulations and teach how to launch, the launch areas are separated with steel mesh… The fact that it is exciting does not mean that it cannot be done safely”.

These two young entrepreneurs are sure that this sport will be liked in our country. “Throwing an ax has something, it must be that it connects with our prehistoric instincts, it is a sensation that attracts us. I don’t know if over time Spain will also become popular here as in other countries. At the moment we have opened in the center of Madrid with the idea that people can discover the experience, enjoy something exciting with friends or with their company’s work group, add emotion to a romantic date or a couple outing, or just have fun with a liberating activity.”

You can check out various Axe Throwing Clubs



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