How to select baby stroller?

When the time comes, choosing a baby stroller can be a real odyssey. There are those who inherit a stroller from a family member or friend and do not have to go through the complicated choice. The market is full of different types of baby strollers, alternative models and prices of all kinds. With this post we seek to give you the essential clues so that you can choose the ideal baby stroller for your case

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To have a well-formed idea of ​​what we are going to deal with in this article, it is necessary to be able to identify the different parts that make up a baby stroller.

· Chassis: it is the part on which the other components of the baby stroller sit. It is formed by the axles and the wheels, configuring itself as the skeleton of the cart.

· Carrycot: also called cuckoo. It is the piece that is used when the baby is newborn. It emulates a bed since the baby is always in a horizontal position.

· Stroller: it is normally started when the baby can hold his head up on his own. It is the part of the baby stroller that will be used the longest.

· Group ‘0’: also known as ‘maxicosi’. This baby carrier is the one used for traveling by car, but we also find baby strollers in which it adapts to the chassis and can be used for walks.

When buying a baby stroller, you can buy the parts separately or all together, the chosen brand of baby stroller will have a lot to say in this regard. In any case, you can find adapters to be able to combine parts from different brands.


Each person is different and has their own conditions, therefore, it is good to hear experiences from other people who have already gone through the time of choosing a baby stroller. However, at the moment of truth, what must be studied is the case itself, the needs, conditions and objectives of oneself.


Avoiding being blinded by pushchair promotions and deals can be difficult, but you have to try. As with other types of purchases, the price is a factor that often determines whether to make a purchase or not, but getting carried away by this can sometimes lead to extra costs.

For example, if there is a juicy offer for a modern and very manageable baby stroller, we may value its purchase, but have you stopped to think if it fits in the trunk of your car? This may lead to the subsequent purchase of another stroller or, already a little more difficult, another utility.

Many brands create needs that they do not have and, in the end, they end up buying accessories and articles that, in reality, are not very useful. Thinking coldly and objectively about what is needed is going to be the basis for choosing a good baby stroller.

Photo by Maxim Tolchinskiy on Unsplash


Safety is the first factor that must be taken into account to make a good choice for a baby stroller. All baby strollers will have to be approved to certify that they meet the minimum safety requirements. It is very difficult to find them in stores without the corresponding labeling, but you always have to make sure.

Some of the issues related to the safety of the baby stroller refer to the effective blocking of the wheel brakes, the resistance of the material of the chassis and the axles that make it up, the optimal dimensions of the baby stroller that protect the child in case there is some type of incident or the good fastening of the different anchors of the baby seat.


When evaluating the comfort of a baby stroller, it is necessary to look at two aspects: that of the occupant and that of the driver . Obviously, in every baby stroller the infant has to be comfortable and well sheltered, but also the person who drives it.

For this, it is essential to look at the different measures of the baby stroller . It is not just about putting the baby in or taking him out of the stroller, the child must also be given attention when he is inside the stroller, so the parents or those who employ him will often have to bend their backs. In this sense, it is necessary to opt for a baby stroller that has a measure quite consistent with one’s height.

We also find adaptable handlebars on the market that can be extended if the height of the wearer so requires, the ride will be most comfortable.

Today, there are different heights, even some that do not require bending or bending at all. It is a matter of finding the one that best suits our needs and physical characteristics.


Much of the doubts that accompany the choice of a baby stroller are due to the great versatility that many of them have. To know which one suits us, we will have to analyze the needs or styles that are handled in each individual case. This section tries to focus on the most personal component .

There are cars with their own characteristics that make the space smaller than normal, there are elevator doors in buildings that require specific measurements for strollers, there are parents who travel a lot by public transport or who practice sports such as running… All these aspects are determinants to opt for one type of baby stroller or another.

Many of these needs are appreciated after the purchase of a baby stroller, so it is important to assess them beforehand and be clear about the style that is used in each case. The truth is that, nowadays, it is quite easy to get the baby stroller right, since there are many brands of strollers on the market that offer all possible functionalities.


The baby is growing and reaching different stages and the stroller must also adapt to these changes. The first baby seat bought for a newborn is not going to be the same as the one used for walks by a three-year-old.

Many of the strollers that we find in childcare stores are made up of different types of pieces that allow having a baby stroller for all stages, the minimum is usually 3-piece baby strollers. The drawback of this type of baby seat is that these components will take up space and, on many occasions, you do not have to store a carrycot, chassis, baby seat, car seat…

Although there are usually many baby stroller offers, you have to assess the situation without getting carried away by the price. In the long run, it may be better to buy baby strollers separately, that is, in the newborn stage you can opt for a cheap baby stroller , since many of them are only used for the first 6–7 months. Thus, in the next stage, you can bet on a more robust baby stroller model that will surely get more out of it.

In this future forecast section we can also add the intention of having more family in the short term. For some time now, twin travel system models have proliferated without it being necessary to have twins. These types of carts or accessories such as scooters allow two children to be carried at the same time despite being of different ages and, therefore, with different needs.


Weight: baby seat advertisements usually refer only to the weight of the chassis, so it is convenient to know that you have to add the carrycot or the maxicosi, depending on the case, plus everything that goes out with the baby.

Dimensions: important to consider whether the stroller is open or folded. This is related to what we discussed earlier about the measurements of the trunk or the elevator of the building.

Type of folding: the simplicity of folding is an important factor when choosing a baby stroller. It will be appreciated when the time comes for a single parent to fold the stroller with the baby on one side, the car on the other and carrying other personal effects or baby accessories.

Bidirectionality: modern baby strollers usually incorporate bidirectionality in the seat or maxicosi to be able to change the direction of the baby depending on the needs of both him and his parents.



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