Where is the best place to hide a gun in your house?

If you have children in the house, don’t rely on firearms being concealed. Children can and will find things they shouldn’t. Even children who can’t yet walk on their own will show an uncanny propensity to enter areas you didn’t think were accessible.

I recommend a quick-access pistol safe or just carry a pistol on your person so it’s under your control.

A Google search for “hidden gun furniture” brings up all sorts of interesting possibilities. What I like about these designs instead of stashing a gun in a shoebox in the closet is that it’s so easy to add a lock to all of them, whether it’s a fancy biometric lock or a simple key or combination lock. If biometric locks aren’t your thing, a simple dial lock can be effective, but it’s much quicker to access than a safe. Set all your locks (if you have more than one bin) to the same combination and put a small red LED next to it so you can see what you’re doing, even at night, without creating excess light. With a little practice, you can probably open it pretty quickly.

Here is a gun holster that you can carry or screw to a wall or piece of furniture. You can also see a picture of what I mean by the red LED to open it in the dark.

Mobile gun vault built with Kevlar

Don’t “hide” your gun where it will be “hard” to find. Instead, buy a fingerprint safe and screw it to the floor under your bed. This safe serves as a complement to your larger safe.

There are pros and cons to fingerprint safes. If you buy a high-quality one, there will be no problems.

You MUST NOT “hide” your gun for a child or other unauthorized person to find. If you can find it, the child or someone else can find it.

Never leave your gun unlocked unless you are loading it, can see it, or can see where it is hidden. A fingerprint safe is a lot cheaper than a child’s funeral, or yours .

NEVER leave your gun unattended.

You asked. I replied. Now go buy a safe. Don’t be “that guy”.

In case of an intruder is what you say. Well, where are you likely to be? I don’t know. Well, what makes you think an intruder is likely? Wherever it is, how is that area covered? Relative to where you normally are, how close is that location?

Do you expect an intruder at night or during the day? Could this intruder just show up? Without warning? I’m not trying to be a smart ass, but I can’t advise where to secrete a weapon without knowledge. He hides a gun in the shirt, and the tomfoolery walks in the front door. Hide it by the side of the bed, under the edge of the mattress, and the fool shows up for dinner.

How about bars on the windows and doors? Look, friend, nightstand at night, on your body at any other time if you are serious. Otherwise, you’ll just shoot your spouse, son-in-law, neighbor, grandson, or dog. Get serious and think about safety and the use of weapons.


In bed, the gun can be stored on your nightstand. You didn’t say anything about children being at risk of having a gun lying around, so when you’re in bed, keep it by your nightstand.

If you have kids, get one of those quick access safes. They can’t open it, but you can.

During the day and around your house, you can’t keep the gun in every room unless you figure out how to defy the laws of physics and place your gun in multiple dimensions or something. Therefore, she must keep it in a belt holster. If you don’t wear a belt, consider a pocket holster. I get this, it can be uncomfortable to wear a belt after a long day and all you want to do is sink into the couch and turn on the TV.

However, remember to take it out when you’re done. Don’t forget and walk around town with that damn thing.

I had a Sea Daddy who explained it very succinctly. … Gear adrift is Gear Lost.

…And can you really go about replacing expensive junk because someone you know has a personal mantra of “Drifting Gear is a GIFT”?

Also, it’s a bit embarrassing when the kid shows up at the dinner table using his Sig 938 as a pacifier.

So why not have a place to put that gun where you know absolutely it’s safe and there’s absolutely no problem keeping it loaded and immediately ready to go?

That place is called a safe, and for a gun it can be small, hidden, and close. You can pick up a small gun safe at most places that sell handguns. They can be mounted between wall studs, under headboards, inside a drawer…even.

The ones I like are nifty: you put your hand on a keyboard, make your finger special, and a drawer slides right under your paw, so you just slide your hand down, wrap the glove around the grip, and off you go. .

They are reasonably priced, I have seen them for under $100 which is pretty cheap insurance. — — — And you can stop that little boy from going down your slide!

Just a gun that is easily accessible? The best answer is in a case during the day, and then at night store it in a locked safe near your bed if there are children in the house, or simply store it on a nightstand if there are no children. If you really want immediate access to your firearm, the only way is to keep it on you; It’s no use hiding in your kitchen if you need it when you’re gassing up the lawnmower in the garage.

But not everyone feels so insecure in their own home that they need to have a firearm on their body 100% of the time. So the next best thing is a handful of weapons strategically placed throughout the house. When my uncle (who lived alone and had few visitors) passed away and family members went through his stuff, they found guns hidden all over his house on shelves and cabinets in almost every room! While he must be extremely careful if he decides to do something similar when he has company, I won’t tell anyone that it’s a bad idea. A gun hidden behind a picture or taped to the bottom of a table or above a store pendant light or placed in an empty coffee can is a good place if you want to hide your stolen firearms when you’re not around,

For me, the best option was to put some guns in small safes in some of the rooms where I spend the most time since there are small children in the house. I prefer well built metal safes that can be screwed down with overly heavy objects that can’t be moved so they can’t be easily stolen and seen, and I like Simplex brand locks as there is no battery or components electronics that go bad, but can still be opened in an instant.



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